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Johnny Appleseeds

Johnny Appleseeds

Good tidings and Godspeeds to all the Johnny Appleseeds,
Proverbial pioneers
Planting unorthodox orchards in untamed hearts
Pulsing through expansive wild frontiers
Traversing hard and hostile terrain,
Faith moves the formidable mountain
Giving way to a fertile plain
Where we share and stake the claim
With joyous declaration to the Name Above All Names;

Behold, the filthy rags of the Johnny Appleseeds,
Soil works and dirty deeds
Testify of Amazing Grace
With shovel and spade
We show the way and expand the Kingdom
Converting Badlands into a Righteous Real Estate,
Come and colonize this Holy Place
Where Sacred Cider and Celestial Pie are always free
and if you fall,
You’ll never fall too far …
…..you’ll never be too far from The TREE.


A Psalm for Providence

Pity the ones

Who serve a god of circumstance,

Pity the ones

Whose faith reside

In happy accident and chance,

– Fortunate sons

Only when fate and dumb luck collide;


Blessed are they

Who believe and pray

To a Heavenly Father, the God of Providence,

He is not confined by space,

He is not limited by time,

There is no measure for His goodness and grace;

Overcoming every odd and obstruction,

Conquering every circumstance;


For those who are steadfast and abide,

According to His riches in Glory

He will faithfully provide.


Philippians 4:19

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


2 Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work


Emerging from cavernous hollows

Comes the disheveled denizen

With bloodshot and baggy eye

Carrying cross disposition and the fearful fallout that follows,

An aspiring Insomniac

Suffering from acute Narcoleptic attack

shuffles across the floor

and grumbles, “Sleep is the worst part of the human experience!”

Just as the juveniled slumber delinquent slipped out the door

Drearily lumbering to face

The realities of life and the available light

His elder razzed,

“Son, rest is a blessing,

But just like sex,

It’s always best when you’re doing it right!!!”


Tied up in KNOTS

Confined and constricted

Loop locked and caught in impossible spots,

Donning ropes and strongholds

Dominating the captive thoughts;

Tied up in NOTS

Regulated and restricted

Hitched to fiendish and nefarious plots

Unable to give the Slip

With futile attempt and shots

Turn everything over to Grace Amazing

Putting the Bend in the knee

So when God pulls the string…

… . .the captive is finally set free!!!!!



Take a bath

In the fountain of Denial,

We draw and make the Lines

Through these seasons of test and trial,

Smooth over the Wrinkles of Time

I choose to smile,

Surpass the weary wanderer

I walk the Miracle Mile,

They say Age is just a Number

Counting down the days

Till we fall into slumber,

It seems a petty practice – strangely morbid and obscene,

Instead transcend the Present

Sending Future into Past

Forever holding fast. .  ..    …onto Umpteen.

Question: How old(young) are you?

Answer: As old(young) as you allow yourself to be. =>

My Darling Damselfly


I have always loved you
Since the day we first met,
Just two nymphs in a boggy pond
Destined to fly together
Just waiting for the Metamorphosis
To real delicate wings
and a Heart Shaped Bond
Made strong and abundantly clear,
A Passion fervent and resonating year after year
As I am blessed to serve My Darling Damselfly:
Always eager to please and quick to respond,
….. “Yes, Dear!”

Damselfly too

SIZE MATTERS (Pertaining to Scorpion Fly Romantics and Matrimonial Semantics)

Scorpion Fly

When it comes to
Choosing who we choose to pursue
We tend to look to the exterior
Quickly deducing and in turn reducing
The number of qualified contenders;
Given to visions of grandeur
Taken with flights of fancy:
We dream, scheme, and visualize
Hoping that what we fantasize
Becomes reality and starts to materialize,
But infatuation is fleeting
and all too often we realize
Appearances can be deceiving
and the world is full of pretenders;

Silas of the scorpion flies
Has grown savvy and wise
Working hard and doing his part
to build an appeasing physique
to draw in a quality Lady,
A woman of substance and noble beak,
So that he can woo her with his mind
and win her over with the enormous size of his …..HEART.

(Scorpion flies will not sting you. The scorpion-like appendage on the male is actually his genitals).

Scorpion Fly 2

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